Evening Goats

On a hot evening at Starry Eyed Farm in Strafford, VT, you will find our small herd of goats lingering in the cool of the gathering shade. Bucks (boy goats) are on the left and does (girl goats) are on the right. The does are inside a large permanent electrified enclosure (“no one escapes from Starry Eyed Farm”) that is subdivided (using electric net fences) into six pie-shaped paddocks for rotational grazing. The bucks are in a temporary electric net fence on the outside of the permanent enclosure. All of the electric net fences are connected to the high tensile electrified wire on the permanent fencing.

“Highlights” of the video:

38:05 – Cathleen, aka “The Boss” drops by with buckets of water and a friendly word.
40:05 – Baby goat jumps on top of her mother’s back.

Why all the obsession with electric fences at Starry Eyed Farm? In fact, we’ve had no problems with predators attacking our goats. In fact, the electric fencing is designed to keep the goats IN the fences as opposed to keeping predators out. Goats are highly intelligent animals and when they are kept inside any enclosed area they will spend all of their “free” time trying to find a way out (even if they are well fed and cared for). We care for our goats and want to protect them from the dangers of wandering off, eating scary things, or getting hit by vehicles on the road.

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